Thursday, September 18, 2014

End of Summer (almost)

Our end of summer has been even busier than the rest of the season, but packed with so much fun and adventure I'm not complaining.  Though we may need a vacation from it soon!  I always think fall will be that--a settling in and resting up time, but then it begins and what do you know? We are busier than ever with homeschooling, 4-H, chorus, music lessons, etc.  Maybe we'll slow down for winter.

Anyhow, here are the few pictures I managed to take on our latest adventures:  Camping at Hermit Island with family and friends, and a women's only (dogs too) hike up Tumbledown Mountain.

More to come soon--in the next couple weeks:  Common Ground Fair, Deerfield Fair, Burlington, VT and the Portland Marathon!  Whew.  I'm tired already.