Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morsels (better late than never)

Almost everyone we know is heading to the beach sometime this week.  Not because the weather is supposed to be amazing (mostly rain in fact) but because it starting to feel like we may not have too many more summer beach days left.  The air has shifted, its been chilly in the evenings and mornings.  Not quite sweater weather, but close.  As homeschoolers we still have plenty of beach days ahead--September is really  the best time to swim in the ocean around here, but there is still a sense of urgency that comes about with this change in temperature.  There's a feeling of having to squeeze it all in before we tuck in for the winter.  So we're squeezing:  camping this past weekend, beach this week, a week away with family next, an order of peaches to can, blueberries to pick up (luckily we don't have to rake them) and hopefully warm enough weather to do some more swimming.


*  The kids were up and outside early last week, attending to a fire pit they'd built below the tree house.  They asked me to give them a fire permit whenever it was O.K. for them to burn.  I love early mornings when they're already up and playing before breakfast.

*  Juniper picked out these shoes (above) with her birthday money from Gramps.  It was her money so I felt fairly limited in how many restrictions I could place on her choice.  Her criteria was that they be "pretty, and slip on".  My only rule was that they had to stay on her feet when she ran.  These are Bogs that she ended up with, and so far they seem great--and they're waterproof! 

*  Kale is moving into the "builder" phase that all small boys I know seem to go through.  We are reading all construction books, and tools have become a new standard around the house.  
He calls the hammer a "tap tap"  Love it!

* Wylie made his first (or one of his first) solo batches of cookies this week.  They were oatmeal raisin, and pretty tasty.  I can't wait until he is big enough to take over a dinner night.

* For our anniversary Rob sent me roses, delivered, and because he knows me so well he came home with 10 Green & Black's, one for each year.  Thanks Love!

*  The harvest seems to be rolling in a bit at a time (which is fine by me, since I'm still learning what to do with all of it).  This week from the garden:  more pesto, rainbow carrots, broccoli, chard, our first green beans, patty pans, and cukes.  Growing strong are cabbage, tiny brussels sprouts, beautifully 
variegated tomatoes, and unfortunately Japanese beetles. 
There's not one good thing about a Japanese beetle.  I hate the way they stick to my fingers when I pick them off the plant, and the way the pile atop one another in one giant beetle orgy on by bean plants.  I hate the way they seem to devour their chosen victim relentlessly, and how they drop off the plant just as your try to grab them.  Last year it was the fruit trees, this year the Rosa Rugosa and my pole beans.  
Nasty little suckers.    

 *  This kitchen has seen some years.  It was my nephew Guthrie's 8yrs ago, then his brother Oliver's.  Next it was at our little preschool for a while, then over to our house for Wylie and Juniper.  Wylie outfitted the kitchen with a real (though regrettably non-working) faucet, light switch, and various electrical components attached throughout.  Last week we brought it out of storage for Kale.  He's been cooking up a storm.  I keep having to steel my pots back when he isn't looking.

*  I feel so fortunate to live in a place where we are just minutes from beautiful hikes like this one.  This is the Little River Trail in Belfast, that walks along the public water supply.  We had a fun afternoon there with friends:  fishing, walking, building fairy houses, and collecting quartz.  The thumbs up (below) is in recognition of the "awesome" quartz to be had on site.

* I finally finished this cotton back zip hoodie for Kale.  I started it last spring with some Manos cotton from the Yarn Sale at our local yarn shop, Heavenly Socks Yarn.  We had one of these sweaters that was a gift from a neighbor when Wylie was born--but in newborn size.  And another that was Baby Gap, I think, also tiny.  They were my favorite.  I wish I had done this in a smaller needle (except then I never would have finished it).  I haven't washed it yet, so maybe it will tighten up a bit with shrinkage.  I knit Juniper a pair of pants in this cotton when she was crawling and they held up remarkably well.  Even through the regular wash/dryer--which I'm sure is not recommended.
When he saw me coming with the camera it turned into a game of chase.

*  "Kale, go to sleep baby".

* I wish I knew more about mushrooms.

 * We're enjoying the birthday decorations for a few more weeks.  Why not?

  Have a great week!

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