Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Morsels: The virtue of pants

Pretty much since Kale was born we've been practicing part-time elimination communication
(more on that here ) which is way simpler if he is bare-bum.  Our house is usually pretty warm and we have concrete floors (read: easy to clean) so it hasn't been much of an issue.  Until recently.  There are somethings you just shouldn't blog about, so I'll simply say a few good things regarding pants, particularly as they relate to toddlers:  
1. Pants prevent your toddler from touching his bum.  Particularly if said toddler has recently developed an itchy bum, seemingly out of nowhere.  
2. Pants prevent said itchy bum from coming into contact with surfaces shared with others (ie. everything in your home--including, the kitchen table, your newly built couch, your lap, and your bed!).
3. If you forget to put pants on your toddler and you suddenly come to realize (through some unmentionable event) that he does in-fact have a very common (though none-the-less completely nasty) childhood malady,   then get some pants on him pronto!  But first wash his hands.  And yours.  And everything in the house.  With disinfectant.  Then call your doctor.  In cases like these its best to treat everyone in the house. And remember to wear pants, at least for the next 2 weeks.
Just saying.  


* We've been super busy, cleaning and medicating (all clear now!)--but also living up the end of summer.  My sister and niece from WA State were visiting in NH so we stayed down there for the week, and had a chaotic blast.  It was good fun almost all the time, visiting with all the cousins, running in the mornings with my sisters, and having late girls' nights watching cheesy ABC dramas.  I already miss it.

fun with cousins

* A few weeks ago Rob and his pal participated in the Belfast Bay Festival's Boat Building Competition, and they Won!  

Unfortunately my camera battery died early in the day, so I don't have any film of the race, but here's the boat, at home weathering the hurricane (that's some sassy sailor!)

* Irene didn't do much damage here.  A few sunflowers down, and no power for 24 hours.  Mostly a ton of wind.

* Even though the boat won first place, Rob didn't deem it sea worthy.  So, we've adopted it as a sandbox.
I think it will see a lot more use this way.

* We've been canning and freezing:  peaches, tomatoes, zucchini, and green beans.  We had a whole assembly line going on for the peach canning, and the kids are old enough to truly be helpful.  I love that! This week we'll break out the Squeezo and do some sauce.

*  Last week we headed up one of our favorite hikes, Bald Rock in Lincolnville.  The way up was toddler slow, but worth the view.  On the way down I made Kale ride on my back. 

* September is my favorite month.  Its still warm enough for swimming, but cool enough in the mornings to make me start searching for a knitting project.  On my needles now is the  "Wonderful Wallaby" hoodie pattern (it is the cutest direction book I've ever seen, way worth the $7 dollars I paid for it).  
I've made a couple of these in the past few years.  This one is for me, in Peace Fleece.  

Happy Monday to you!

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