Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Morsels: Home

The chicken pox quarantine began two weeks ago and is still going strong.  I somehow thought this would be a quick thing--but no.  So far, though, its been relatively painless (at least for me).  Kale is the only one whose had them so far, and he pretty much sailed through them with only one rough day/night.  Rob was gone for three days/nights at the start of it so we were truly stuck at home.  We stalked up on popsicles, library books, zinc lozenges, a few good movies, and oatmeal and baking soda for baths.  I was apprehensive about how the week would go, and expecting two sick kids instead of just one.  We hunkered down, baked cookies, celebrated a couple of half birthdays, had a lot of oatmeal baths, and enjoyed the mild, sunny weather.  We've still got another 10 days most likely before everyone is in the clear (no longer possibly contagious) and while we're sad to be missing out on a few things, we are making the most of our mini-vacation at home.  

For me sometimes having to go anywhere, even for a small part of the day can feel like a huge commitment.  By the time we get ready to go (pee, snow gear, snacks, water bottles), get to the car (seat belts, car seats, dropped mittens, spilled coffee), do our thing and get home it feels like the day is done.  Having a legit reason to say "no" to going anywhere has been really kind of nice.  And, since the kids are not actually sick this minute (just potentially shedding the virus everywhere they touch) we're enjoying exploring the pond down the road, a lot of reading and audio books, playing on the deck, and getting involved in some longer projects.  


Juniper's half birthday cake--she added a few PlayMo's to make it a little more fancy.  

Both cakes were grain and dairy free, and pretty good to boot.  More on grain free recipes soon.  I've found a few great sites that I've been relying on since our diet change (a little more on that here.  I've since gotten past the bullshit phase and have moved into the adventurous and hopeful).

Wylie's half birthday.  As you can see we keep it pretty simple, a single layer cake folded in half.

    Mr. Capable

Rob and his co-worker signed up for a weight loss challenge at work.  Kale's doing his part to help by adding a little extra weight for stair-stepping.  There's also a lot of jump roping going on here.  You should see my man do crossies!  

Home made board games, whose rules change every time.  I don't actually like to play these, but I love watching as they're created and listening as the kids play together.

I finally got around to finishing those last two buckets. Of course they only look like this when I set it up that way for a photo.  The rest of the time they are overflowing with clothes, legos, and what have you.  But at least they contain the mess a bit.

And, a little more crafting with that laminated cotton.  This came from over at Fiddlehead Artisan Supply in Belfast.  I bought it to make some lunch bags like the one's I made for Juniper last fall (here).  But, when the seat ripped off of Kale's stool I decided to repair it instead.  And, I still had a little left over for one lunch sack.

Of course then I had to do the stools.  I ran out before I could finish the second.  I love that this is washable!  No more changing the stool covers every season (though I may anyway because its so easy to do, and I really love changing things up.  But now they'll be clean).  As a side note for any locals, Fiddlehead's will be offering a sewing tutorial on laminate cotton, specifically making lunch bags and bowl covers.  I may have to check it out. 

    Babes on ice
Little guy is just finding his balance, though he can't actually move without holding onto something.  This boy can't wait to play hockey.  

    Skating with a friend

    Juniper:  "I'm bringing the summer mom!"

   These two nuts played in their bathing suits on the deck and in the snow.  They don't seem to mind the strange winter we're having.  

For now I'm trying to keep in mind this happy tone and smiling moments as we prepare for the next child to be stricken.  The pox may not be as easy on the next kid.  

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