Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"But I Do Not Know Yet What That Can Be..."

I don't usually feel the need to comment in this space on world events, tragedies in particular.
However, Boston feels so close to home.  We had a family member at the event, who fortunately was unharmed.  As New Englanders that is our city that has been made unsafe.  As a runner I feel a personal affront to something as good natured and health minded as marathon being the target of violence.
It is discouraging as a parent to see people treating one another this way when we're trying so hard to teach kindness.

But, really, this is what I want to say.  I believe most people are good and kind.  Yet, it only takes one unkind act to shake us.  In order to counter an event like this we must pull together in our kindness.  We must do our best to let the good things shine and work even harder to create a world that we want for our grandchildren.  In the much read words of Miss Alice Rumphius (aka The Lupine Lady) "We must find a way to make the world more beautiful."



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