Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monday Morsels

Morsels:  Tasty bits of goodness from the past few days..

I used to get a sinking feeling each fall, which I'm pretty sure was ingrained in my body since childhood, that fall means the end of all things free, and the return to school and homework and routines. Even as an adult it meant teaching full classes of preschoolers, darkening days, the end of summer.  Somewhere during Juniper's toddlerhood when I found myself home, in our new home, without school to teach or attend, able to make my own schedule (as much as anyone with two toddlers makes their own schedule!Ha) I realized that Autumn is pretty amazing.  It was the first time I was able to enjoy all of the sweetness of fall, and acknowledge the darkening days and cooler weather with a bit of appreciation for balance.
Since then it has become my favorite season.

Here's why:

Honey (see above photo)

Cranberries!  We were so sad earlier this year when it looked like this year might be a bust for berries again (like last year) but really we just couldn't spot them until they ripened up.  There aren't as many as 2011, but we're not complaining.  Cranberry compote coming up!  Yay.  

Pumpkins.  Maybe some year I'll be able to grow more than two.  

Autumn bouquets:  nastutiums, asperagus berries, marigolds, zinnia, and golden rod.  
                      Tomatoes in the windows
    Roasted root vegetables with kale, over quinoa (or couscous), with feta.  The best! Only Kale complains. 

    The blue, blue sky
    Being able to use the sun deck again (its too dang hot in the summer).  
Fire wood.  Stacking it, hauling it, and seeing all those long piles move neatly into the wood shed.  
But, what I really love is watching these guys working together.  

The colors!
So, um yeah.   (Kale speak for yup, there you have it).  Fall rocks.  

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