Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Morsels

Morsels:  Tasty bits from the past week....

*  Juniper ran in her first 5K road race.  It was the first annual "Tick Me Off 5K" to raise money for research and treatment of chronic Lyme disease.  The event was local and a blast.  There were so many families, running and walking together, preschoolers on trikes, strollers, and of course dogs.  Juniper rocked it.  So much of my kids' childhoods (for me) have been mixed with a twinge of sadness for what has passed, but running this race with Juni gave me a glimpse of what our future could hold--running side by side with my girl as she grows up.  

*  Halloween was met with the expected excitement of pumpkin carving and costume preparations.  This year the kids did much more of their own costumes--which I highly encouraged!  When they were little I really loved sewing their costumes, but now I'm enjoying how they are taking over the process, and continuing to view the holiday as a celebration of creativity (and candy of course).  This year for trick-or-treat it rained.  That was a bummer, but it did keep the treating to a minimum which means less corn syrup ingested.  We finished the evening with a sweet little gathering at a friend's house, donuts on a string, cider and pie by the fire place. It was a warm end to a soggy evening.  

                    The amazing owl costume is not me...its our friend Molly--she made it herself!   

Here's me, Kale and I both dressed as a  dark knight/night.  You can't tell here but my shirt and face were covered with glow in the dark stars.  

    Even Boris and Brownie got costumes (entirely kid made).  

* Juniper had her piano recital this past weekend.  She's been working on "Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music since Spring, and she should be so proud of herself for her poise and calm throughout the song.  Three full verses sung and played beautifully, and loud enough for the audience to hear.  And in her "maria" birthday dress.  So sweet.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful piano teacher, who plans recitals before the rush of the holiday season, and who invites musical friends and siblings to share in the event.  Wylie played "Frere Jacque" and nailed the low C, which I'm told is a difficult note for beginners  (they all seem difficult to me).  The recital was short and sweet and culminated with a drumming workshop and impromptu jam session.  Awesome.  

*  We kicked off Novemeber with a sunny, calm 60 degree paddle in our new kayak.  Did I mention we won a Kayak in a raffle?  We won a kayak!  We brought it home three weeks ago at the forefront of a week of hard frost and drizzle, and were just about to pack it away for the winter when we were met with this incredible day.  Juni, Kale and I took to the pond for an hour long paddle. Juniper sat between my legs and paddled much of the way, and the cargo spot in the back makes the perfect seat for Kale. 
I'm already looking forward to next summer.  

Here's to a sunny November, and many more tasty bits ahead! 

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  1. What a fun post! How fun to do a 5K together, we have started bringing Audrey to the climbing gym, and are really enjoying getting to do the activities we love as a family. I am looking forward to when we can run together as well. The kayak sounds awesome, and I love that picture of the trees along the calm pond.


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