Monday, January 27, 2014

A word about 4

In November I wrote a bit about how challenging 4 yr. olds can be.  But, it seems I may have been a little hasty in my judgement.  It could be that for our little guy 3.5 came a little on the late side, or that the transition to 4 was a rocky one.  Whatever it was it sure felt like our normally easy going, jolly guy had been body snatched and replaced with an angry, grudge holding troll.  Thankfully, I can report, now that we are solidly into 4, it is turning out to be a lovely age.  I can't really remember what it was like for the other kids but these few pictures seem to suggest relatively peaceful times:

        Wylie at 4 yrs.

                      Juniper at 4 yrs.

Kale is back to his friendly nature, sharing with friends, up for adventure, and willing to negotiate and compromise logically.   Either the aliens have retuned him or even trolls can change for the better.  Either way it's good.

     morning goofballs


  1. There is something about those transition months that are so challenging. We always experience something similar in the months leading up to, and following Audrey's birthday. I wonder if it is the result of internal changes or external expectations. Maybe a little of both.

  2. My Juniper turned into a monster a couple of months before her 4th birthday and continued for another month. Done now, I think. I blamed it on the naps; she turned into a monster at exactly the same time she started completely dropping an afternoon nap.


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