Sunday, January 9, 2011


Sometimes (rarely) I am able to sit down alone, and take the time to look around at our home and my life and wonder, "how did I get here? When did I become an adult, a wife, a mother, with three children, a new house, chickens, a mini van...?" I am amazed. And so grateful--even for the minivan.

Of course there are days that drag slowly along, but most of the time I am startled by the fast pace life seems to have taken. The seasons seem so much shorter than when I was a kid. Even the winters here in Maine (except maybe March) seem to fly by.

I realize with awe and a bit of sadness, that my first baby is beginning to read, and that my round little girl has outgrown all her roundness. And then I catch my breath as my third baby wriggles from my lap to chase his brother and sister.
Who was it that said "Babies don't keep"?

This blog is an attempt to slow time down a bit.

An attempt to capture the best (and some of the worst) moments in order to better appreciate each day, to savor the time with my children while they are small, and to share with friends and family whom we don't see very often.

Thanks for reading.

- Jasmine

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