Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Homeschool Tuesday (a little late) : Monopoly for Math

We've had a busy two weeks, without much going on here for formal lessons, but with plenty of fun.  It's school vacation week here in Maine, so there's Winter Camp to be attended, extra swim times at the YMCA, schooled friends who are available to play--etc.  So, even though we spent last week at Mimi's (with no school lessons) we've had another week without, and no one is complaining.

But, I love how learning just happens naturally throughout the day (our whole lives truly) when no is noticing.  Earlier this week Wylie and I had a game of Monopoly.  Actually, it's Anti-monopoly, found at a yard sale years ago and never played, until now.  And it is quite the lesson in capitalism/consumerism.  I found myself needing to look up some information in order to answer Wylie's questions, and we both learned a lot in the process.  And of course it ended up being great practice for math, with all that money counting and making change.  Not to mention rent, mortgages, and utilities.  We did not even near the end of the game (the directions had an option for the fast two hour game!) as opposed to what? I'm not sure.  We opted for the 40 min. game, which was just long enough for all of us.  Good fun and good learning.  Good times.

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