Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frozen Eggs

This is not a post about infertility.  None of my own eggs have ever been frozen.
But, you can freeze hen's eggs.  Really!

I had read about freezing hen's eggs in a few different canning and preserving books, but was skeptical.  
Last winter however, we found ourselves feeding 8 hens and buying eggs weekly.  Bummer.  So, this past summer, when we were averaging 8-9 eggs a day I mixed up several in the mixer and poured them into ice cube trays to freeze.  All the books I read said either separate the eggs and freeze them, or beat them well before freezing.  I was hoping it would work out so one cube equaled one egg--not quite.  Next year I could probably fill the cubes a bit higher and make it workout more nicely.  For this year I'm working with approximately 3 cubes = 2 eggs.  I didn't do a ton because I wasn't sure how they'd be. 

But really, they're great.  I haven't tried using these for eating as eggs--only for baking.  But, people freeze quiche right?  I did freeze one solid block of 10 eggs to thaw and use for a frittata, I'm guessing that will work well too.  A friend of mine just shared that she freezes a whole container full, then thaws it and measures egg out by the tablespoon.  One whole egg is about 3 tablespoons.  Here's one link that may be helpful.  There are tons out there.  

Hooray! Fresh (almost) eggs in February!  

We are still getting about 2 eggs a day from our cold ladies, and, depending on when we trudge out to collect them, often those are frozen too!  

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