Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homeschool Tuesday: Slimy Worm Project

A few weeks ago, when it seemed like spring might actually be arriving in here in Maine (unlike the past week where temps have barely reached 40 at noon) we transplanted these babies into the cold frame.  This may not have been the best move for them, and the jury is still out as to whether or not they'll make it.  Juniper is optimistic--me a little less so.  

While we were at it the kids found some earthworms.  Its amazing how exciting a worm or bug can be when you haven't seen one (minus the occasional spider or moth) for months.  They kids were thrilled and launched into all kinds of big plans for the worms.

We of course had to table all plans until the next day as we had an appointment to make (isn't that always the way?) but fortunately their enthusiasm carried into the next day and we launched into the:

So far our exploration has consisted of reading a few good books about worms, drawing pictures of our worms, studying their anatomy and doing a few wormy experiments as seen below.  The small worm seemed to prefer the oranges--though may have been hiding under them, the big worm went back and forth between the two and decided on the coffee grounds.  

The two worms also had a race to see who could burrow the fastest.  I'm not sure the big one knew it was a race and he took his time--but the small one was less than 30 sec. Pretty fast for a worm.  

Other questions the kids have that we hope to explore this week (barring any further fevers) are:  
Can worms climb?  
What is a worm's defense mechanism? (This is actually how Wylie phrased it--that kid kills me sometimes)
Do worms ever carry light sabers?  Hmmm....
Can worms swim?
Where does the slimy stuff come from?  

In case the suspense is killing you I'll try to remember to post the answers as we find them.  

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