Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Must Be Spring

10 Signs that it really is spring:  

1.  Swinging in the rain.

2.  Puddles!

3.  A wooded path, almost free of snow.

4.  Light-weight, short-sleeve knits. This was done in a silk-cotton blend whose label I lost a while ago.  It is a top down, cap sleeved tee that came out a bit smaller than planned (I just used the one skein I had).  Fortunately there's a new niece to arrive any day now, who I'm sure can use it when it no longer fits Kale (which looks like soon).

5.  Laundry on the line.  In an earlier post I mentioned my dislike of laundry.  I will admit to a certain joy in hanging it out on the line (though taking it in is not nearly as rewarding).

6.  Planting in the cold frame.

7.  The deck becomes a part of the house again.

8. Bikes.  Kale got a seat for my bike, so we can all ride together now.  More on this later---I'll just say we're loving it!

9.  Chickens outside.  (We offer to let them out in the winter--but usually they don't want to come.)

10. Eggs in our nest:  On the first day of spring each year the little birds about our house lay candy eggs in the nest for the kids to find.

One more sign of spring arrived today:

Happy Spring!

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