Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homeschool Tuesday: Worms continued

In case you've been dying to hear about the worms (and even if you haven't) here are our results:

Can worms swim?
Umm...it appears not.  They sank and wriggled around a lot.  They were able to move about.

Can worms climb?
When give the choice between climbing or drowning they can.  


They could not climb vertically up the stick, but did climb down without falling (almost).

Where does the slimy stuff come from?
Juniper noticed that after swimming and then being dried off, the worms felt sticky.  But, after a while they began to feel slimy again.  So, she decided the slimy stuff must come from the worm.  (As opposed to from the dirt which was her hypothesis).

A worm bracelet.  Way better than silly bands.

 What is a worm's defense mechanism?
Wylie said we'd have to attack them to find out--but that seemed cruel.  So, we just listed everything we could think of that would help them survive.  Here's what they came up with:
They can hold on tightly to their burrows (according to a book we read).
They burrow fast.
They can regrow part of their bodies (but not as much as half).  Also according to a book.  We did not try this ourselves--though I suppose its less cruel than fishing.

Do worms ever carry light sabers?
We haven't seen one yet.  But that doesn't disprove the theory.

  Kale's favorite part was the dirt. 


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  1. These are great! I love Kale's face in the worm climbing picture, he looks very disturbed.


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