Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homeschool Thursday: Artist in residence

We recently borrowed Andy Goldsworthy's  Rivers and Tides from our library last week--amazing.  
Even Kale was a quick fan, asking for more "Rock Guy".

Since watching the film we've all been inspired in our own ways, and today Wylie took the inspiration a step further and created a movie of himself producing art in nature.  

I love how the structure morphed over time (it became an all afternoon endeavor, despite the 2 minutes of film).  Most of all I love his seriousness and focus--Brilliant (I may be a bit biased).

(filming by Jasmine and Juniper)

    A few snap shots in case the movie won't play...I can never seem to make that work right.

Tee-shirts and bare feet, in November!  Others are preparing for the holidays, but we just can't stay inside long enough to do any elving.  Everyone on our list may be receiving pine cone sculptures and nature photos!

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  1. That looks like a neat video, have you guys watched the Carl Sagan documentaries before? I bet Wylie would really enjoy those. Bare feet! We have two inches of snow here.


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