Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Morsels: Grateful

I was chatting with a friend on the phone and she asked how our week was going.  I started in on a long bitch session about just how our week was going--something like this:  the baby has pneumonia, the dog has Lyme's Disease and a mysterious UTI causing her to pee all over the house, the rear windshield wiper repair necessary to pass inspection is going to cost way more than I thought, I drove an hour to take the kids to their dentist appointment--then missed the exit and the appointment... Yeah, it was one of those weeks.  But midway through I stopped and said, "our week was fine--with a grain of salt".  

Sure, in the midst of it all it sucked.  But after the fact, it seems naive and petty to complain about inconveniences when I'm fortunate enough that I can afford to take the dog to the vet and buy her medication when she needs it.  I am grateful to have the support and resources to try homeopathic and natural remedies when my kid is sick, and medical insurance to take him to the doctor and get antibiotics when he really needs them.  I'm Really grateful that what is making him sick can be cured in an easy 5 day dose.  I am grateful to have a car at all (and a working rear wiper).  I'm grateful that these issues can be seen as inconveniences and not family emergencies.
So yeah, the week was fine really.  How was yours?


*  These two are so sweet sometimes it kills me.  Juniper is such a little mother to him, and Kale loves his big sister, even when she's bossy.  "Kale, you can sit with Juju, but don't wiggle.  I'll get you a blanket but then sit still-- I'm trying to knit".  Perhaps she's heard that somewhere before?

*  Wylie and Juni have been outside the most of the day recently.  Several mornings last week they were headed out to the tree house by 7:45 am--usually acting on some plan hatched the night before.  The latest involved a broom, a blanket, and a stack of books requiring two separate trips.  I like to think that these chilly mornings huddled together in a tree top are the times they'll remember as adults.

* This was one of the books in their stack:

A good friend gave this book from his childhood to the kids last week.  Its a beautiful version, with pictures by one of our favorite illustrators.  Ironically, he gave us the book the very day that we attended a symphonic Peter and the Wolf  at the Waldo Theater in Waldoboro.

* This is Kale's favorite scene, which we read over and over again, with much discussion about the wolf going to "num up the duck" (said with as much growl and ill intention an adorable toddler can muster).  Then he slides the switch back--effectually calling of the attack, and declares joyfully, "no num you up duck!"

* Impromptu science experiments on the deck (in her underwear).  

* Wylie:  "Mom, I thought you'd be proud that instead of a band-aid I made my own from nature."

  * The best way I know to cook a pumpkin:

1. Rinse the pumpkin and slice off the very top.  2.  Bake directly on the oven rack, with a pan below for the drips, at 400 degrees F until soft when poked (it takes a while--but its a great way to warm up the kitchen).  3.  Remove the pumpkin from the oven and when cool enough to touch gently peel off the skin (this part is so creepily enjoyable.  Kinda like pealing dry rubber cement off your hands and pretending its your skin--anyone one else do this as a kid?).  4.  Slice it open and scoop out the seeds and gunk (save them for toasted pumpkin seeds later).  Be careful not to cut into the flesh too much while you scoop.

Now make your favorite pumpkin dish.  We like pumpkin pudding which is really just pie with no crust, baked in a deeper dish.  I make mine with maple syrup or honey as a sweetener--but not too much of it.  Top with plenty of whipped cream and you have dessert and breakfast the next day.  I may or may not have eaten all but three slices in one morning.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I cooked my first pumpkin in the oven because of your blog. It came out great!! Thanks for the simple instructions. Can you post your pumpkin pudding recipe?

    Wylie's bandaid gave me quite the chuckle. He's a smart kid! :)


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