Friday, December 9, 2011


Greenery, Gifts, & Goodies

We've been gathering all kinds of supplies for baking, crafting, decorating and giving.  I've gone back and forth over the years in my enthusiasm for doing up the holidays.  Sometimes it seems crazy making with too much clutter.  But, these days its nothing but fun.  All this excitement of creating provides a natural shift in focus away from the buying and receiving.  It feels right.  

Some of the goods in no particular order:  peppermint bark, re-purposed hanging flower baskets, the singing frog (a holiday favorite here), more advent fun, lots of homemade gifts (not pictured) as well as a few big ticket items from the UPS guy, on-going gift tag decorating, apple pie with gluten free crust (the crust recipe is over at Gluten Free Girl, its her "ratio recipe 3,2,1")--this is one of the contestants in our search for the perfect Christmas breakfast.  Also in the running:  apple-upside-down cake, cinnamon rolls, and coffee cake. 

The kids have also been creating/continuing their own traditions including the second annual "Duck Duck Christmas", this year's event included a parade with lights!

I'm usually not much of a wreath fan.  We have one braided fabric number that Rob's mom made in the 70's that's so retro crafty we love it, but otherwise I've never bothered to even consider them.  Then, a few weeks ago I read this post over at Dig and I was inspired (I was also laughing so hard I nearly cried--really).  I considered copying her felted S.O.B. (you gotta read the post to understand) but couldn't wrap my head, or wallet around all that wool felt.  Then I remembered these sheepskin scraps I've been toting around for years.  I scored them at some yard sale--a whole bag of them, long strips too narrow to do much with.  Until now.  I'm really loving this wooly dude.  So cheesy and elegant, and it took about 5 minutes truly.  I may need to make a few more.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. So much fun, we are loving the holidays over here too. That wreath is hysterical.


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