Sunday, December 4, 2011

monday morsels: tis the season

 It suddenly feels really busy here, with very little time for blogging (hence Monday Morsels posted in time for Tuesday reading).  A quick highlight of the Holiday (and other) business and fun:

Lovely walk with friends along the Passy River.  I'm kinda digging this 40 degree winter--perhaps white Christmases are overrated?  

Toddler twister anyone?

                     Well yes, a wool thong, why not?   (this was much wider after blocking)

                     Wouldn't you like one of these for your sweetie?

A Christmas tree in the tree house with handmade ornaments.  We're more of a mid December tree kinda family---but I'm all for decorating the tree house any time of year.   
The countdown has begun...activities include donating a box of toys to Goodwill, a lantern walk after dark, dessert by candlelight, making our own gift wrap, and lots more.  
                     Wrapping paper decorating 

More wrapping

We'll use the fabric for sewing into gift bags.  We used bingo paint and hand made cardboard stencils.  Not sure if this is permanent, but how often will we need to wash our gift bags?  (it sure didn't come of the kids' skin real well.  Kale still has a green spotted belly).  
Happy Monday!

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