Monday, May 7, 2012

Early Morning

Being awake and up before my children is something of an accomplishment, a feat to be celebrated--quietly.  Each movement is carefully calculated:  noise risk vs. required morning ritual. Yoga is out unless its very gentle stretching, coffee out (that noisy electric drip will have to wait for after breakfast). The upstairs bathroom is off limits, computer start-up is way too loud, cooking is out of the question.  Negotiating the dishes in the dish rack to get to my favorite tea mug is like playing pick up sticks.  The click of the propane stove cannot be avoided (if not coffee than at least tea).  The sliding door to the deck is too loud, best to sneak out through the mud room and out the front door to sit in the sun for a minute.  If this stealth maneuver is successful there is nothing to do but sit with my tea and read, write, watch the sun's early rays creep across the marsh toward the yard.   
Early morning from my favorite morning perch:  
* apple blossoms on the table
* newborn leaves on the beech tree
* robin redbreast on the lawn 
* novel, tea, journal
* Rosa Rugosa in bright green
* quiet everywhere (for a few more minutes)

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  1. That is my favorite hour as well, but I almost never take advantage of it. I may just have to start again tomorrow:)


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