Friday, May 25, 2012

Monday Morsels

Its been beautiful here... then raining... then hot and muggy...then pouring buckets, followed by a sun so bright and a sky so blue it almost hurts.  All of which has made for some amazing green around these parts, with everything growing in leaps and bounds, including somehow, the children.  The maples and oaks are all leafed out and our yard suddenly feels as if its enclosed in a lush green envelope. Its at times a little claustrophobic but mostly perfect. We've been busy doing all kinds of things in the yard and garden, alternating with inside quiet time, lots of audio books, and a new home school routine that seems to be working well for us (details to come).  Which is to say I haven't made much time for blogging, but here's a bit of whats going on in our little green corner of the world.  

Morsels: Tasty bites from the past few weeks.  

Me:  "Grampy's going to come soon, on his motorcycle."
Kale:  "Its not a motorcycle, its a MOTORCYCLE!" (insert loud vrooming).

 Juniper has been taking a little tumbling class, and is extending her repertoire of somersaults, bridges, and frog headstands, to include the trapeze.  Our own acrobat in the making.

When I posted this photo the first time, it occurred to me how silly (irresponsible?) it looks--me in full bee gear while Wylie lays about in shorts and a tee just feet away.  But truly, that's how docile these bees are!  They are incredible really.  More on the bees to come I'm sure.  

The other busy bees around here have started their own garden (in the remains of our raised beds from the old garden site).  They're growing peas and beans with big plans for a money making venture curbside (or gravelly edge side.)

Model airplane kit;  $3.00 at a yard sale;  Several hours of focused concentration:  priceless.

Conversation between Kale and a Robin:  
"Oh hi birdie, hi!  What you name birdie?  Robin that my name, ha!"

First blooms on our peach tree ever!  

                     Rock star brothers

Garden in progress (from last week).  The tiny hoop houses are for the tomatoes, built from left over fencing and plastic.  I hope to put up a few more, with row covers for the brassicas and squash to go in this week.  

One of our favorite salads these days::  shredded cabbage (red or green), shredded carrots, sesame seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, and raisins.  Dressed with olive oil, apple cider vinegar with a bit of honey and a pinch of sea salt.  My kids eat salad regularly, but this is the only one they enjoy.  

Chicken Lovers 
(Kale's tee was one I painted for Juni when she was 4, her friend Eve, above, had a matching one)

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love the talk with the robin, too cute! Your cabbage salad is timely, as I just bought a big head of cabbage with no plans for what to do with it.


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