Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Good Run

My sister and I are training for a marathon.  My first.  Last night we completed our sixteen mile run.  
If you've never done it, and likely even if you have, 16 miles is a freaking long way to run!  (unfortunately not nearly as long as 26).   But really, every time I start to complain about this mess I've run myself into, I think, when else in my week can I engage in uninterrupted, adult conversation for so long?  And, with my sister at that?  So what if my feet have to move while I'm doing it?  

So in the end I enjoy the long runs, for the comradery, the personal challenge, the strength I feel, and the dedicated time to myself.  But, neither my waxing poetic, or complaining about the pain really does it justice, so instead I leave you with a true to life conversation at the finish of our 16 mile run last night:  

Warning:  graphic, may be disturbing to those unfamiliar with long distance running...

J:  That was a good run.  
H:  Yeah, except for the stomach cramping.
J:  Right, that and shitting in the woods.
H:  Well, right.  But it was probably our best route yet, hardly any hills.
J: It was nearly flat.  Except for that big ass hill in the very beginning...
H:   and the one we just walked up.  
H:  This chaffing sucks.  
J:  My foot is bleeding.
H: Man, I smell.  
J:  Yup.  

Rob:  How was your run? 
J:  It was good.  

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  1. Love it. I just got Heide's shoes, how does she like them?


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