Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mr. Mean Boss Man, or 2 crafts in 5 minutes or less

In an attempt to prevent an argument over a coveted Playmo Guy I came up with this tiny robot superhero, complete with a CO2 cartridge rocket booster.  The whole project took less than three minutes, and he was quickly adopted and superbly dubbed "Mr. Mean Boss Man" by Kale, who is always up for a bad guy.   

                                                     Mr. Mean Boss Man fleeing the scene

Soon afterwards, though not related, Kale insisted he needed a skate board shirt--who doesn't?  I searched through his basket of clothes, and even into storage thinking surely there must be one, but no.  Not to fear.  Skateboards are quick and easy to draw.  When I said we'd make one he was thrilled and requested 
"a skateboard with a little boy and a mama".  Really I would have loved to make him that shirt--but I wasn't quite up for the art involved in painting a little boy and mama that I would want to look at several times a week.  Fortunately our Monkey boy is always up for a monkey, and I had a bit of sock monkey fabric left over, and somehow located iron-on transfer paper purchased 2 years ago.  
In 5 minutes we had a skateboarding monkey shirt ready to go.  


I think we may need to make a bicycling monkey shirt sometime soon.  Or, maybe a Mr. Mean Boss Man shirt.  
I would wear that.  

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  1. Ooh, I want a sock monkey shirt too! I see Christmas crafts in the making.


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