Thursday, May 9, 2013

Homeschool Thursday: A few things Schooly

In bits and pieces throughout this amazing spell of weather (that seems to have ended since my last post) we did very little formal schoolwork, but I'm always amazed when I look back at my pictures and see all of the educational--even schooly moments that have happened on their own accord.  
This is of course not to discount the valuable learning that occurs throughout each day in play, exploring nature, sibling negotiations, gardening, pet care etc.  

Just a few:  

Practice in using a phone book.  In this day of digital everything is it even necessary to know how to alphabetize?  I'm not sure.  But its still the only way I know to find a phone number.  (If there are others don't tell Wylie).  

Khan Academy is a resource we use most often for math, but it has a bunch of other interesting information that Wylie loves to explore.  Right now he's in the beginning stages of a robot build.  This may be a long project that will most likely require some outside help--specifically in the form of some experienced solderers (any volunteers?)   

More and more rubber stamping, watercolor painting, embroidery (by Wylie) drawing, read a-louds, and lots of music.   

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