Monday, May 13, 2013

Through the eyes of a 3-year old

Everyday this kid amazes me.  Of course we are all individuals, but still with each of my nieces and nephews, with each of my own babies, and those of dear friends I am continuously amazed at how very many different personalities there are in this world, at how each each child is so very much him/herself.  Kale is no exception.  Parts of him are so very much like his older cousin Oliver.  He is sensitive and stoic. Like his brother he likes to know how things work.  Like his cousin Audrey he is an animal lover.  He is a story teller, an artist, and a ham for sure.  He is an athlete of all sorts.  He is incredibly articulate for his three years, and seems to know himself better than most young adults.  He is helpful and very good company.  Of course we all love him to bits.
Right now he is deep in the throws of "Papa obsession".  He dresses like Rob, follows him around, and while he still asks daily, "is it a Papa night or a Mama night?" (hoping all the while for a Mama night) he is no longer sad when it is Papa's turn for bedtime--only wanting to be prepared.
Overheard from upstairs:
K: "Hey Pop, you gonna wear your cap today?"
Rob:  "Yup"
K:  "Okay".  
Of course the both came down stairs wearing baseball caps and worker pants.

Below, our home, through the eyes of a 3-year old.



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