Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morsels

Morsels:  tasty bits of goodness from the past week or so....

It seems strange to be focused so much on firewood when the days are 85 degrees F, but that's how it goes in New England.  Lots of cutting, splitting, and stacking still happening, but the pile is getting smaller and the rows are getting longer.  In the past there has been a lot of "we" thrown around liberally when one of us (the man with the saw) has been primarily responsible for our wood heat.  This year I have hauled and stacked my fair share --though I have yet to break out the splitter or chainsaw on my own, yet.  
Still, I think I can fairly say that we are making some headway on this giant mountain of wood.

May's garden was muddy, and the plants growing in the paths easily outnumber those growing in the beds in both height and vitality.  With last week we finally got some real heat, and things are perking up.  Juniper, Kale and I spent a morning adding a bit of art to the garden.  I have high hopes for a garden gallery, including semi-permanently mounting the glass door/cold frame in a stable place for glass crayoning throughout the summer.  I've requested a few more garden sculptures from Wylie, and a good fiend just reminded me of a garden loom idea (as seen at the Common Ground Fair, and Troy Howard Middle school) which we'll have to erect sometime soon.  Before that we should probably get the rest of the seeds in the ground.

The ladies are loving the green grass and bugs everywhere.  They are laying a bunch, pooping on the porch, and scratching up all the berries.  We've just ordered some movable fencing so they can be on fresh grass, but out of the way.  Then we'll all be happy (hopefully).  

One of my prettier desserts.  Gluten Free yellow cake (from Pamela's brand mix) with almond/honey glaze and violets from the yard.  It was delicious with my sister Heide's home made goat's milk gelato.   She may be selling this soon--if you're local you should try it!

We're headed into a week or two of end of the year busy-ness:   homeschool group wraps ups, ballet and piano recitals, and field trips.  All to be followed by trips to the lake, beach, cookouts, bike rides and hikes to be sure.

Somehow in all of this I'm looking forward to a little more time at home and a chance to focus on projects for longer periods.  A slower pace in a busy season.  I'm sure it can be done (some days).

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