Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Morsels

Morsels:  Tasty bites from the past few days....

Last week we were thrilled to watch Juniper in her first ever dance recital.  As you can see (despite the blurry photos) it was amazingly cute!  Two days later she and Wylie played a duet (Hot Cross Buns!) at Juni's piano recital.  She accompanied him beautifully, watching him carefully as to get the timing just right.  They may have bee the only performers that day who smiled.  It was short, but oh so sweet, as you can imagine.  

       performance photos by Mimi, Thanks!

This monkey has been climbing any tree with limbs he can reach. Its hard to tell from here, but he's graduated to "out of reach" climbing--meaning I can do little except instruct from 10 feel below.  So far so good.  Today Juniper topped this same tree--nearly 40 feet from the ground, looking out above our roof, and across the marsh.  Yikes.  I've always been a tree climber, and encourage risks, but geesh.  I was glad when her feet hit the ground.  

While hanging the laundry this morning I watched several honey bees rolling like puppies, in the pollen on the Rosa Rugosa.  Its been terrific having them here this season, watching which plants they prefer (blueberry, roses, dandelions) and which they ignore (apple and pear, sadly).  I'm hoping there are cranberry flowering in the bog this year, but haven't waded out to look.  I'm guessing the fuzzy ladies would like those too.  
I'm already imagining cranberry honey!

Had to stop and take this pic on the way up the stairs:  Cousins playing cards past bedtime on a summer evening.  These are the memories I hope they'll grow up with.  Notice the backward hats going on--Kale says, "I'm gonna wear my hat like Ollie, cause its cool like that".  Geesh.  Love that kid.  All of 'em.   

We had a small group of friends, new and old, over yesterday evening.  The sun shone out between patches of dark, rolling clouds, but the rain held off while the kids all zip-lined and played on the swings.  They dug in the sand box and painted on the screen porch.  The nine year old entertained our new friends with his tech savvy ways, and Juniper sweet talked their toddler away from his parents in that magical way she has with littles.  There was chicken holding, sawdust play, and we finished the evening with too many marshmallows and everyone near (but not at) meltdown.  

My man and I closed out the night on the screen porch.  Kiddos in bed we watched the dark come on, slowly, with the tree frogs trilling, the peepers joining the chorus just before nine, and the loons echoing their lonely cries across the dark sky.  We are nearing the longest day, and our days are stretching out before us.  I love this time of early summer, when it feels like there may just be all the time we need. 


  1. Beautiful post. I feel like I'm there : ) Sigh.

  2. Great job Juni! You guys need to get a video next time. I am impressed with the tree climbing, our little tree climber seems to be developing a bit of a fear of heights these days. Audrey is curious about what board game they are playing.


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