Sunday, September 15, 2013


There's been a lot going on here recently, with homeschooling in full swing, family visiting from the west coast, and swim lessons, music lessons and homeschool coop starting up all at once.  September is a full, exciting kind of busy that had my head spinning just before launch, but now that we're in orbit it feels like (nearly) smooth sailing.  I have so much to say about all of that, and I'll do my best to record what I can in this space.  

But first, one last (no promises) bit of garden porn.  I'm feeling like my garden work for the season is mainly done, and now its just a matter of enjoying the harvest being hauled in from the trees, gardens and bee yard. Its not huge, but it is such an amazing feeling to watch the pantry and freezer fill with home canned goods, to be picking snacks right from the tree, and reveling in the honey harvest that has us still spinning--from both the extracting and all that sugar.  

 Pesto cubes for the freezer (I add the Parmesan after defrosting, if at all) I do something like this recipe but use whole almonds soaked and rinsed. 
                      too many green beans (I think even the chickens are tired of them)

                      green tomatoes for green tomato pie (I can't believe its not apple!)

    Our first real honey crop.  
    Thanks to the fuzzy ladies, and a September rich with golden rod and asters.  Yum!

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