Saturday, September 28, 2013

September, Family Month

This month we enjoyed a long visit with my sister Sadie and her daughter, visiting from WA state.  Its the first time we've seen them in over 2 years, but of course it felt just like yesterday once we'd gotten used to the fact that A is nearly 5 now, not the 2 and-a-half year old we remembered.  

We did some exploring and end of summer swimming at Fernald's Neck in Lincolnville early in their visit, headed to the Common Ground Fair with my dad in tow as well, did a lot of visiting at home, at my mom's, and at Heide's, and finished the visit with our annual Equinox celebration atop Mt. Batty.  It was sweet to have them here for such an extended time, long enough for the kids to get to know one another.  Juni is always ready to play with any younger child, and A was more than willing to play the role of adoring younger cousin.  The two of them played in the sandbox for hours together.  Kale and A surfed a bit choppier water--sliding minute to minute from smooth sailing, to extreme silliness, to tears, and back. That may be the result of age more than anything else, especially judging by the sheer volume of nonsensical knock knock and poop jokes  between the two of them.   
Of course it was sweet for me to have both my sisters together, the three of us hanging out, discussing parenting, running, and homeschooling among other things.  We somehow sneaked in a visit with each of my brothers and their kids too, packing in time with all the cousins (almost at once, but not quite)  as well as a quick visit from my Aunt who I hadn't seen in 10 years or more. September really was the month of family.  


    it took me 5 full seconds to recognize which of my children this was!

  Could any other fair do waste so nicely?  Just another reason I love Common Ground.


This morning finds me in a quiet house, with Rob and the kids visiting his family in NH, while my little sister boards a plane to the opposite side of the country.  Its a strange quiet after near constant guests for weeks. A welcome, peaceful quiet to be sure, and just the tiniest bit lonely.  I'm ready now for October, a month of our little family, of settling into a routine, of firing up the woodstove (soon I'm thinking!) and slowing our pace to match that of the season.  At least that's what I'm hoping for.  The meetings and events piling up on the calender hint otherwise, but I'm counting on these shortening days to slow things down a little.  
Either way we'll roll with it.  

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