Monday, February 24, 2014


We welcomed two sweet piggies to our homestead last week.  Mac and Cheese are 5 month old brother and sister, American Guinea Hogs.  They are a small heritage breed, easy to keep due to thier small size and excellent foraging abilities.  My sister raises this breed down the road at  Toddy Pond Farm and her family has enjoyed them so, we thought we'd try our hand at raising a couple.  This is our first adventure in raising our own meat but so far we all seem comfortable with the understanding that these cuties will be breakfast someday next fall.  We chose a food inspired name (Kale's choice) to help us all keep in mind they they will be food as well as pets.  But for now we are just enjoying their fuzzy bodies and funny ways.  

For winter months they are living in our well fenced garden, but when the snow melts we'll run electric fencing in the woods so they'll have space to forage for acorns, grubs, etc. with plenty of room for play, a small stream, and shade.  They don't seem to love the snow, but also seem unfazed by the cold.  
Pretty much they enjoy one  And the occasional good scratch on the back.  

Here they are...

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