Monday, March 10, 2014

ski weekend

Last weekend a friend and I went away for 4 days skiing the Maine Huts and Trails system.  It was a repeat of last year's adventure, only longer!  I was hoping to find something poetic to say about it, or to tie it into the nature journaling and phenology work we're doing around here....but, I can feel the time slipping away, and wanted to share these photos.  If you live nearby and can figure out how to make it happen, I think you should go.  
It was a wonderful weekend with such good company, amazing strangers to talk with, good food, a bit of sweet knitting, nice weather, and long days of good hard skiing.  Certainly an annual tradition.  

    Lunch break, trail side

   Near-Arctic Explorers

      Lung Wort Lichen

Trip Highlights:

* Bob cat and possibly Fischer tracks
* amazing weather, single digits in the mornings and warming to near 20's.  It was perfect weather for non-stop movement.
* 40+ miles of terrain covered
*Not having to wash dishes or prepare food at all for 4 days.
* Due to a boot/ski malfunction I got to borrow a slipper (to cover my socked foot) that had climbed Mt. Everest 3 times! (can I now say my foot has touched the Mt. Everest summit indirectly?)
*Due to said boot/ski malfunction I now officially need new skis (I'be been long overdue, and now its truly time.)
* Having a companion in complaining for the better part of 15 miles of icy, steep up and down skiing, who skied along with me when we should have clipped out and walked (when I couldn't take off my skis without also taking off my boots due to aforementioned malfunction) and who still had a fabulous time through it all.
* No injuries
* After that first hard day, we had 3 more long ski days on well groomed snow with set tracks, and saw no more than 4 people or so for most our time on the trails.
* Spending 4 days away and coming home feeling renewed by the good company, good exercise, quiet woods and fresh air.  No jet lag and very little unpacking.
*Coming home to a clean, quiet house with dinner already prepared for the evening.


  1. I was hoping you would write about your ski weekend soon. With only 4 snow falls this year, 4 inches max the whole season, and spring upon us, I am more than a tad bit jealous. I guess I can't complain too much about 50-60 degree weather and tulips coming up, but I wouldn't mind a taste of that snow. Glad you had such a good time, and hope you can get your ski fixed before your next adventure.

  2. Ooooooo! I am literally drooling with jealousy. It sounds blissful. You are so lucky to have good snow so far into winter. Our snow in SW MN has been virtually un-ski-able (if that's a word) for well over a month now. Ah well. In other observations, Kale looks so much like you!

  3. I remember the similar trip from last year: looks fabulous! I am the proud new owner of skate skis and am hoping to give it a shot before we lose the snow.


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