Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Tasty bits from the past week...

Whew, feels like its been a while since I've been in this (online) space, so more than a few morsels...

I spent last weekend in Western Maine, skiing the Maine Huts and trails system with a couple of friends. 
If you have a chance to go, do it.  The trails were beautiful, the lodges were energy efficient, mostly off grid, and warm,with hot showers (not that I used them) games, books, fire places and kind people.   The food was mostly organic, locally grown, and delicious.  My only complaint was that I couldn't stay longer.  We skied about 20 miles over the two and a half days.  Wow.  It felt so good to move my body like that for so long, and to be in the woods for two whole days.  We met some interesting people, came up with some trail names, and suffered through one night of snoring bunk mates.  It was fantastic.  I can't wait to do this next year, and look forward to making this a family adventure when the kids are a bit older.  

                       Starting the climb to our first lodge...600 vertical feet in about 2 miles (on skis).  It was   
                       steep and hard--and way more fun coming down!

  View from the top

                        frozen "Poplar Falls" behind us

In the days before our trip Kale kept saying, "I think its going to rain, then there won't be any more snow left for your ski trip.  I informed him that it was going to snow, and that I was definitely going to go on my trip, but that it would be quick, and he would have so much fun with Papa.  
Just before I left I told Kale I'd be home in two days.  
"Two days is a long time," he said, "I want you to come back in two minutes".  
Even with his sadness Kale gave me a hug and waved goodbye.  There were no tears, no guilt, just a little boy a bit worried about so many days without Mama.  But he was fine, and I was great.  Its a nice stage we've entered into with Rob and I able to swap evenings out, or weekend adventures without any great hardships.    I love, love, love babies--but big kids are pretty swell too.  

I've just finished up a bit of a whirlwind of knitting over the past month and a half:   A sweater for Wylie, that he's worn twice despite choosing the yarn and style himself!  I've threatened to start charging him money for every week that I don't see him in it;  A "transforming" baby sleep sack for my newest niece (it unlaces at the bottom to be a toddler jumper, and eventually a shawl for a Juni sized girl.  It may be the only thing I ever knit for her!); Then I knit up the last of Kale's sweater (begun last year); and finished up the yarn from that project with a hat and neck warmer for myself.  Whew.  I didn't follow any specific patterns for any of these, but can do my best to answer Q's about yarn or details if you have any.  

      Wylie's sweater in washable wool, k2 p2 ribbing at cuffs and waist, raglan style, roll neck with     
      thumb holes at the cuff.

                           Baby Sophie's 3 skein sleep sack in Cascade 220.  

   A very proud big cousin

 Kale's sweater in Good Karma Farm's Alpaca.  Garter stitch, with raglan decreases, and front zipper with ribbon edging (which was a pain to sew but turned out super sweet and totally worth the swearing and late night required) knit pants by Auntie Heide

                    My hat.  k2 p2 ribbing for rim, with evenly spaced spirals around the midsection.  

Last week my mom moved to Maine!  She's 20 minutes from us, which is pretty much fantastic.  We're so excited to have Mimi near by, in an efficient warm house that needs no maintenance, with no firewood to haul.  Its actually my sister's old house (since she moved to the farm up the road--and has lambs! more on them later...)  We've already made use of the babysitting potential of a Mimi nearby which feels a bit like taking advantage (because it is) but we're rolling with it.  I'm hoping she's as thrilled as we are that she's closer, and I know she'll fit right into the community here.  

Kale:  "Mama wait!  I'm going to put my pants on all by myself, so when Papa says, 'did you put those pants on all by yourself?' I'll say 'I did!"

Kale:  "Mama, you're getting to be a really good Mama".
"Thanks buddy."

A running friend loaned us this extra bike trainer for a while.  Its been a sort of non stop indoor triathlon training at our house.  I've used it twice, and it was pretty stellar to be able to get in a good work out with my kids right there, while listening to "This American Life" on headphones.  Of course I was interrupted every 3 minutes or so--but it was still worth it.  
But, then we discovered that Wylie's bike fit on it.  Since then he and Juni have been hitting the training.  Of course then Kale's kick bike had be be brought in, so this is the scene around here this week.

Kale: "Tell me a story.  About a whole family that goes walking in the woods--no sledding in the woods, and they hear a scary sound...and its a bear.  No, wait, they hear a scary sound and its a...what has more sharp teeth a wolf or a tiger?"  

Me:  I think a tiger. 

Kale:  "They go sledding and they hear a tiger.  No maybe its a dragon that makes fire!" 

Me:  "....and the family is walking along and suddenly they hear-----"
Kale:  "Wait!  How about its wolf.  A little baby wolf that can't even howl yet".  

And its nearly March.  Painless.  I think we're getting the hang of this February thing.  


  1. I can't see most of your pics? The ski trip sounds like a blast! Please take advantage of some of that free childcare for me too :)

  2. That ski trip looks fantastic! Huts. What a concept.

    And the handknits are gorgeous : )


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