Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Kale called to me from across the deck, where I was enjoying the sun and a mug of tea.
"Mama, look!"
"What is it?"
"Come look!  Quick"
(me not wanting to get up) "Can you tell me what it is?"
(yelling) "Nature! Life!"
Well I had to get up for that.

    A little stink bug or something similar.  Outside, and alive.  Surely a sign of spring.

                      Also, kids in trees, another sign the seasons are shifting...


  1. That is hysterical. We are enjoying all the signs of spring here too.

  2. We have those assassin bugs all over the place! The second it gets a little warm, one will seemingly drop from the sky and onto our dining room floor. We've looked them up; ours are "bee assassins" or something. What fun to climb a tall naked tree!


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