Thursday, April 17, 2014

Really Good

Last week we had a few days of indoor type weather, perfect for color mixing, garden planning (on paper), and fireside napping.  We've all been passing about a chest cold that's had me hacking like a pack-a-day smoker every evening, barely able to read bedtime books, and croaking through the first hour of each morning.  I'm about done with this cough.  Truly.  But, its hard to complain now that spring is honestly here, and if my only complaint is that I only have enough energy to sit in the sun and look at the garden, well--its just not worth complaining.  For now we're soaking up this well deserved spring sun every chance possible (except that one snow day--what the heck?). The pigs have been in their new electric wire pen for two weeks now, and are mucking it up the way pigs should.  There have been picnics on the deck, school work on the deck, knitting on the deck, yoga on the deck, coffee on the deck (do you sense a theme?) fairy houses everywhere, barefoot play, raking out of garden beds, sap boiling, and plenty of mud play.  The bulbs are pushing their way through the newly thawed earth, red maples have started to bloom, and the frog chorus is going full tilt.  Our magic marker list of "signs of spring" has grown to two columns, including colt's foot blooming, flickers spotted, the wood thrush calling, and mourning doves mating below the feeders.  Spinach and lettuce are coming up in the cold frame, and the garden is nearly dry enough to put in some peas.  
Its really good.  

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