Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Morsels

After posting last week's "nuggets" ala dig this chic I kept thinking that "nuggets" are really not the right word for me.  Instead of invoking an image of golden treasure I'm reminded of  processed chicken.  Eventually, I thought of Morsels.  Mimi, my mom, always calls her grandbabies "morsel", as in "ooh you little Morsel I could just eat you up!"  To me morsel brings to mind tasty tidbits, crumbs, and chocolate chip cookies.
And so I bring you a new tradition, Monday Morsels-- tiny little bites of goodness from the previous week (with the occasional egg shell no doubt) to gobble up or savor as you see fit.  Enjoy!


* Last week (just before Rob left for his trip) Kale climbed over the gate at the bottom of the stairs.  Naturally, being useless it has been removed.  After two days of crawling up the stairs Kale switched to an almost regular walking, one step at a time, up the stairs.  The first time Wylie noticed him doing this he called to me, "Mom, look he's climbing like a real boy!"

*A day later (Rob still gone) Kale climbed easily up the ladder into the top bunk.  Wylie and I took the ladder down, and Kale proceeded to climb right up the end of the bunk beds, hardly noticing the missing ladder. Monkey, monkey, .monkey ...

* Juniper, with her new short haircut has begun to embrace things other than pink and pretty--which thrills me to know end.  She has begun wearing Wylie's hand-me-down Converse style sneakers, which are black with skateboarding skeletons.  These couldn't look better than they do when she pairs them with a long, tiered skirt, and pink ruffled tank.  The kid's got style.  Also notice the beetle tattoo.  Love that.  Last week she complained, "Mama, I have no pants.  All I have are these pink ones, I'm not wearing pink pants".  Keep in mind this child has worn little else except pink dresses for the past three years.  I guess a trip to Good Will is in order.

* Grampy (Rob's dad) came up to visit on Friday, and since his motorcycle broke and he can't leave, we get to keep him for a few days.  He is builder extraordinaire, so naturally we're keeping him busy.  So far the camper has a new cabinet, the mailbox has been fixed (got hit by a plow earlier this year), and a new, built in couch is in the works!  This last one I"m particularly excited about since I've been scheming of how to build this myself since last fall.

* The beech trees have completely leafed out making them even better for climbing.

* Despite almost no sun there are a few things growing.

Here's to  a good week, and maybe even a bit of sun.

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