Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Last week's nearly full moon found me enjoying the first and last?! ski of the year.  It was a magical evening with a friend--no need for headlamps as we followed the moonlit trail into the woods and skied for nearly two hours.  We ended the evening with a relaxing sauna.  If there's a better way to end winter I'm not sure what it could be.  

Less than a week later the snow is all but gone, and we're barefoot in the mud.  The kids spent the day playing in the stream at Mimi's house.  The same one my brothers and sisters and I played in growing up--their fun was much the same as ours.  Juniper competed in a "water event" which consisted of wading through the mucky stream thigh high while creating waves with a whiffle-ball bat.  Kale proceeded to throw every ball and bat and toy car (those toddler size ride on ones!) into the pond for Juni to fish out.  As kids our favorite game this time of year was "boating" in our orange torpedo sleds.  I'm sure you can imagine the results. Over the years we've all tried to talk my mother into moving for various reasons, but in times like this I really love that she still lives here.  I love seeing my children and all the cousins playing the same games we did, in the same places.  People change so much in 25 years, but the stream still looks the same, and the big wheels go just as fast down the grassy hill toward the water.  

Morsels: (brief this week as I've no way to upload any more photos from Mimi's house)

Kale inherited this pink poodle suit from a friend who thought he'd look just like Marley. We can see the resemblance, though he's not sure what to think of it.  

We bid farewell to our Christmas tree last weekend.  We never did get it decorated for the birds.  

and there it goes!  That sucker went up in a minute and the flames were nearly 20 feet high.  (No wonder they say don't let your tree dry out--yikes). 

Did you ever imagine what it would be like if adults walked around singing one and two word chants throughout the day?  "driving the car, driving the car, driving, the car..." "washing dishes, washing dishes, washing dishes,..."  "bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills..." (though the latter might be more likely to elicit a tantrum). This is how Kale spends much of his day.  Above he's cradling and rocking a banana, singing, "banana baby, banana baby, banana baby".   


  1. Cuteness! And thanks for the trip down memory lane. Casey and I liked rowing the plastic pool around the stream.

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