Sunday, September 2, 2012

Honey Comb

There's a certain satisfaction in getting a paint color just right.
This one (on the left), wasn't it.  A little too mustard yellow, particularly for someone with condiment issues.

 So, I tweaked it.  A little blue from an old bathroom paint job, stir, a little more blue, stir, and like magic--or preschool, yellow turns to green.  An earth-toned, slightly edgy, almost ugly green (I've always had an affinity for the so ugly its almost cute).  It is just right.
Of course with a color this great I couldn't stop at one door.  If I lived alone I may have an entire room this color by now, likely more than one.  But, Rob is a bit more practical and talks me down from whims such as painting large areas ugly green.  It was however exactly the thing for a little bee love I've been planning for:

 Up close it isn't perfect--nothing here is.  If it looks like a two year old did our painting he probably did...but, the overall effect, the edgy green, the earthy brown, the honey comb goodness.  I'm loving it.

* Specs:  the honey comb pattern came from this Craft Gossip Tutorial (which I will most certainly be following sometime soon).  I downloaded and printed out the pattern, then enlarged it on a copier and re-printed it on a transparency.  Then, used a razor to cut it out.  For brushes I used those little foam brushes from the hardware store, at $1.19 a piece.  The blue frog is a paper cut out from a greeting card sent by my younger sister.  He's been perched there since we moved in 7 yrs. ago.  

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  1. I really like the honeycomb, it adds a little pop too the kitchen. I have to agree with you about that yellow, the green is a much nicer color. I love that you still have that frog.


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