Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcome Autumn

This weekend we greeted Autumn's arrival with proper fanfare:  a trip to the Common Ground Fair, our annual Autumn Equinox tradition atop Mr. Batty, our first and last lobster bake of the summer season, and some apple picking.  The weather cooperated being not too rainy and appropriately cool.  I love a chilly trip to the fair, and it feels right to break out the boots and woolens for the equinox.

I have to say I'm longing for a bit of the balance that is promised by this season--the equaling out of day and night, settling in at home and into a routine.  We're not quite there yet as there is still plenty coming in from the garden, one last week of squeezing in daily runs (yes the marathon is this weekend!), adjusting to our new schedule of school work, music, and swimming lessons and such.  But, I can feel that its close.  I'm ready for some morning wood fires, soup, and hiking.  Ready to have dinner in candlelight--not because we're eating ridiculously late, but because it is actually a bit dark.  I love summer, but come mid-September I love fall just as much.

The Hobbit Houses at the Fair
The Garden Parade

Surfing the berm, a C.G.F. tradition   

Wylie overlooking Camden harbor
Knitting, tea, legwarmers, and boots!  Yeah fall!

Our annual equinox celebration:  pizza, sushi, wine, and oreo cookies--half dark, half light.  Plus good friends, lots of play, knitting, and a final good bye to summer with the tossing of beach pebbles toward the Atlantic.  (Lest this seem too idyllic don't forget a healthy dose of sibling rivalry, over sugared/over-tired children, and minor spousal spats.  Nothing that can't be overlooked for the sake of tradition).  

Sunset from Mr. Batty

Welcome Autumn!

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  1. So fun, I love having traditions. Good luck in your marathon this weekend.


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