Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In the Garden

More garden pictures?  Well yes, because this is the first fall garden I've had that is still producing.  And, even better, its the first fall garden I haven't been done with by now (except the green beans--I was done with them a long time ago, and they're still limping along).  So for my own entertainment and fond memories--and maybe a few of yours as well...

Last minute not-too-cold frames, I figure they'll work until a hard frost.  So far Jack hasn't shown up around here.                      
Melissa Savoy Cabbage
Asparagus, with berries.  (This is my first full year with Asparagus--is this normal?) 
Orange-paste tomatoes that just might make it to ripe before the temps plunge.
God I love nasturtiums.
Squash and half of the beans have been cleared out.  Spring kale planted in the farther bed, the closer bed will get a heap of seaweed and a cover of straw to rest for the winter.  Or maybe garlic in a few weeks.  Haven't decided yet.  Front bed:  fall carrots, and broccoli that just wouldn't grow.    
 Remember the radish pods?  They have the added bonus of self-seeding, and I recently discovered this sweet little harvest of fall radishes.  Who knew?

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