Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gettin' Knitty With It

This time of year I'm feeling pretty knitty.  I'm not a person who knits year round.  During the summer I often will not pick up my needles except during long car rides.  But, come late fall, when it is cold and windy, and we actually want to wear something warm, I get my knit on.  No time to waste, we want those sweaters.
I am also aware (and slightly disturbed) that my knitting habit coincides with the prime time television season.  Somehow there's nothing like a little TV drama to get me through those long hours mid-sweater.   And, since I just shrunk Juni's last mama made sweater, and Grey's Anatomy is back on Hulu,  it was high time I finished this one (begun last fall and promptly put away when I realized she could still squeeze into the old one).  So, here it is.  The first 1/3 of the sweater took a full year to knit.  The final 2/3 about 2 weeks.  Its done minus a few buttons.   True to form this was done without a pattern, just a gauge swatch and an idea in mind.  But, when it comes to the raglan decreases I always check in with my favorite pattern, Wonderful Wallaby hoodie sweater.  I've knit three versions of this over the years and I always love it.  Plus the pattern booklet is super cute and funny to read.  The sweater sizes run really big though, beware.

This new sweater is done in Peace Fleece, another of my favorites.  It is virtually indestructible (its even hard to shrink) though a little itchy it doesn't bother her.  Wylie won't go near it.  He did ask if he had a sweater coming soon, "something in silk maybe, so it won't be itchy".  I'm always willing to knit for an eager sweater wearer, particularly if they are family and small in size.  I'll get right on it, but maybe cotton, or alpaca.

Also fresh off the needles (and blocked and gifted since this photo) is this cotton baby blanket for my new niece--coming at Christmas time.  Can't wait to see her snuggled up in it.  This is the first blanket I've knit and I really enjoyed it.  It a simple seed stitch edge with a knit 6/purl 6 check pattern.  I'd like to do another as a throw for the couch, but in a larger block next time.  

Now on the needles, a neck warmer for myself, and Kale's wolf sweater--which I'll hopefully finish for his birthday.

Can't type and knit though, so back to the needles.  Happy knitting!


  1. Juni looks so grown up in those clothes, and the sweater is adorable. I agree with Wylie on the itchy sweaters.

  2. Oooooh! Lovely. Nothing beats autumn knitting. I started a light sweater for Hazel, then got distracted by the fact that my Juniper needs some fingerless mittens for these in-between days. Full-fledged snow mittens are a bit much right now, but bare naked hands still get too cold in the mornings and evenings. This time of year I want to go on long road trips so my man can take the wheel and I can take the needles. Happy knitting, thanks for sharing!


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