Wednesday, January 30, 2013



With the help of plenty of cord wood, a well insulated house, and the brilliance of January sun we sailed through that cold spell and have come out nicely on the other side.  I know from winters past that this honeymoon of January will soon be over, and we'll come into February--both the shortest and somehow always the longest month of the year.  If you've ever heard Dar Williams' "February" you know what February is like in New England.  If only the month were as lovely as the song.  

I've taken a bit of wisdom from  SouleMama who mentioned at one time or another the trick of hiding away little surprises for those dreary February days.  I've been sneaking away just a few small things for my children, ready to pull out mid-month or whenever we're all feeling like we want to pull out our hair if we have to look at muddy snow (or muddy dirt, or negative temps, fill in the blank with your winter drudgery of choice) another minute longer.  Some things/ideas to invite imagination and spark some creativity.

But for now, we're excited that the temperature is nearly normal (its actually a bit too warm now!).  We're happy to skate again and hoping to ski soon.  And we're enjoying this winter sun as it slices its way into our home.   

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