Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A bit of sewing

A snow day, an evening entirely alone for the first time in 3 years (I think), and a cancelled appointment meant a bit of extra time this week to finish up the list of "To Do's", therefore freeing up some time for a bit of sewing--the first in a long haul.  

First up, possibly my new favorite little kid pants.  These were made in 5 minutes, honestly! with helpers.  I used a women's petite (though it looked pretty big to me) turtle neck and traced a pair paints with the neck as the waist.  Pin, sew, cut, wear.  I'd love to add some cute ribbon to the cuffs, but seriously that's not gonna happen.  Maybe for the next pair.  


Finally got around to framing and hanging this sweet drawing by Kale.  Its from a few months ago, some of his very first people.  I love how the first guy looks concerned, the second pissed off, and the third all ho-hum.  Or maybe its a series of the same person...

Finally, I made it to that deep pile of thingstobemendedbutprobablyneverwillbe  (though I didn't dig very deep).  Kale's only two pairs of jeans got some new sets of knees, and are looking even cuter for it.  I used iron on patches from the inside, and stitched some scrap material on the outer knees. 


This book has got me dreaming up all kinds of deliciousness.  Last week I had a bit of a stomach bug, and while spending a day all nauseous and pukey finished reading it.  Of course that day none of it sounded very good--but on day two after having eaten nothing but Popsicles and mint tea for 24 hours it all sounded fantastic.  Never mind the B.R.A.T. diet.  After testing the waters with a piece of G.F. toast, I dove right into roasted cauliflower and macaroons with chocolate ganache.  Yum,  I highly recommend;  The book, not the puking.  


  1. Using the turtleneck as a waist is such a great idea! And I need to start framing some art work here (if only we didn't move so often).

  2. Love the turtle neck pants! Knee patches are adorable too.

  3. Back in late 60's, everything had big patches on them, it was stylin'. I never saw a pair of turtle-neck pants tho, very original.


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