Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Morsels: Spring

For this last official day of winter we got a snow storm (actually, still getting.  Six inches so far).  But, even if we have to search, and perhaps create a few of them ourselves, there are signs of spring here and there:  

* The hens have stepped up the laying a bit, and we're getting 6-8 eggs a day, just in time to start saving for Easter.  
* The seasonal table got a seasonal spiff up this weekend.
* Baby lambs and goats (and many more to come) at my sister's farm.
* Spring sun, noticeably warmer, even on the cold days.
* Cotton knits--actually cotton un-knitts.  This sweater I'm frogging was knit 6 years ago and has been worn a total of three times.  The yarn is worth way more than that.  So, it will be a new spring sweater for me (hopefully for this year--but sometimes these things take longer than planned).  
* Garden planning
* Spring pictures by the kids
* and, our Spring Equinox tradition of chocolate eggs laid by those mysterious birds around our house, is much anticipated for tomorrow morning.  (Though Rob and I are much appreciating it this evening, especially since those sweet little eggs can only be found by the 1/2 lb. bag. Yum.)


Happy Spring!

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  1. I sometimes forget what Spring is like over there, after living away for so many years. I always look forward to your pictures, and a little peek into the New England world.


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