Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet Weekend

Saturday was beautiful here.  Near 60 degrees with bright sun.  I went for a run in the morning with my sister, painted hives in the afternoon, and managed to plant a few rows of spinach and lettuce in the cold frame.  I ended the day hiding eggs by headlamp, followed by a "Parenthood" marathon while knitting up the last of my attempted "felted bowls" for Easter gifts.  Check out Clove's here--mine didn't work out so well.  It turns out front loading washers are good news for sweaters, but not so great for felting projects. I was left with extra clean tiny hats.  Oh well.  There was enough sugar here to keep everyone happy, and since they didn't know about the felted bowls no-one was disappointed.  We had a small egg hunt/candy breakfast here, followed by an Easter dinner and egg hunt/ dessert bonanza at Mimi's new house (only 20 minutes from here, yay!).  We're still in a bit of a sugar stupor, but nearly all of it was natural and dye free so we're crashing, but not feeling guilty about it.  
We ended the day working in the yard until after dusk.  A small campfire, almond butter and crackers, carrot sticks, pears and cold chicken for dinner on the porch.  Its early still, but already I'm sensing the shift from mostly inside to mostly out.  I love it!
It was a sweet weekend.  


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  1. So awesome! We came home to no-snow and are gradually feeling that shift too. Love it.

    RE: felted bowls. In order to get mine to felt I have to literally turn off the cold water valve to my washer (I have to do the same with cloth diaper loads) because otherwise my "hot wash" is really just lukewarm as my "energy efficient" washing machine dumps a bunch of cold water in. Anyway, you might try that. Also, I had to do at least 2 *hot* washes with a good tablespoon of dishsoap. It should work! Don't give up! (Oh--around Christmas I made a white and red bowl...the white yarn took many, many, many washes...something about the bleaching process inhibits felting, apparently.) Good luck!

    P.S. LOVE your eggs. We dyed eggs in beet juice the other day as we never had time *before* easter : )


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