Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Art

Summer Journal:  Keeping it short and sweet for this busy season....

I've been trying to encourage a bit more art here, particularly for the oldest child, as its something he always enjoys, but rarely chooses to do on his own.  Sometimes just putting out the art supplies are all they need, other times it takes me sitting down and doing a project myself to inspire them (will have to remember this when it comes to writing!).  
                     Zinnia, acrylic on canvas, by Juniper

   Green, acrylic on canvas, Kale   (doesn't this totally look like trees against sky?)  

                       "finish the picture project"  Warren Buffet, by Jasmine (and the New Yorker)

                     Robot Girl, collage, by Wylie

 Just a few days after doing the "finish the picture" project (which the kids had a great time with--more kid art than you'd care to see here) Mimi gave Juni this fun "Fotoplay" coloring book, which is full of awesome finish the picture projects.  I love when a new idea keeps popping up all over the place.  

This book is pretty rad, as evidenced by this page---the Gracie cat even looks like our Gracie.  I'm sure she would totally dig a crazy party hat!


  1. Cute. Audrey would really like that coloring book.

  2. Audrey will have one as well! I bought one for each of their birthdays about 3 months ago, when I saw them in a bookstore in Belfast. (Don't tell) - I knew both girls, who are so creative, and such good drawers and painters, would love it.


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