Thursday, July 18, 2013


Its truly summer here as evidenced by my absence in this space, not to mention the sun burns, dirty feet and tired children.  In an attempt to not avoid this blog altogether during these busy months (when I rarely find the time or desire to sit in front of a screen) I'm borrowing an idea from Elsie Marley (who is full of terrific ideas--check her out) and going short for the summer.  Quick glimpses and short sentences about what we've been up to.  Here goes:  

Lots of greens, snap peas, and calendula from the garden.  A bit of zucchini, some cukes, and baby carrots on the way. Beets and beans are sparse this year unfortunately, but we'll savor what we get.   


Wylie's been soldering and creating, and we're scheming up some plans for a homeschool electronics club.  

Finally got that chicken fence up and rotating about the yard.  

You can see how well its working....hmm.  Maybe they're meant to be electrified for a reason.  

Hydrangeas and nasturtiums are out, but we never got around to planting cosmos.  I'm really missing them.  

Lots of swimming has been happening this week, since every day for the past 6 days or so has been near 90's.  Its so good.  

Goofy kids, enjoying the screen porch....

My new short(er) do...

Foot ball on the lawn after dinner...

Taking advantage these cool (in more ways than one) concrete floors that keep our house comfortable even when its scorching outside.  And a bit of summer reading.  

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  1. Those kids are growing too fast! I love the shorter haircut. I am still deciding between cutting mine shorter or growing it out from here.


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