Thursday, August 15, 2013

In the Garden

Though the photos don't do it justice--I've switched to taking pictures with my iPad, which is a bit cumbersome, and the results are washed out color-wise--but hey, its better than nothing as I still haven't looked into repairing/replacing our camera.  You'll have to trust me, that the colors right now are fantastic--pink flox and echinacea, deep blue/green kale, rich golden rod and the berries on the asperagus as well as our first apples ever just turning red.  The garden is a very sweet place these days, with baby ferns creeping up on the cabbages which are finally forming heads, and the frog pond full of little jumpy guys.  The beets are being pulled slowly, two or three at a time for dinner (and one 5 lb. harvest for pickling) along with the single zucchini per week we've been averaging, and the handful of cucumbers.  I've put up one very small batch of basil pesto (that was disappointingly oily) but more to come for sure.  Dilly beans are in our future, and I picked the very first red tomato this morning (alongside our very first red leaf to spot the lawn-- oh August!, you are too quick to autumn). 


  1. Looks great Jas! Too quick to autumn is true, cool nights and warm days, mid August.At least it's not raining. The air is perfect tho. I have 1 red tomato myself, hate to pick it, and my 1 cuke was excellent. I have big kale and chard,about 6 plants of each, and winter squash showing fruit. Pole beans w/flowers, a 1/2 cup of blue or raspberries most days. I love summer! Sorry, no pic's from me yet.

  2. Can you fix it so I don't have to prove I'm not a robot to publish comments?


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