Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wylie is Ten (and three weeks)

WyGuy did in fact have a birthday, the day after we returned home from our CA vacation.  He is officially 10 and as far as I can tell it is a fine age to be a boy (and the parent of said boy).  He asked for three things on his special day--a Minecraft tee shirt, an Arduino board (look it up), and that his presents be hidden as a treasure hunt.  Easily done.

For a party he wanted only his two closest cousins (closest in age and proximity) to spend the night, and ten hours of Minecraft.  Yes, ten.  Not so easy for this mama who tries to limit screen time to much more reasonable amounts, but it was his birthday.
Wylie asked to include this picture because--"it looks like I'm turning into a zombie from too much Minecraft!"

 Happy Birthday sweet boy,  hope your 10th year is full of adventure and discovery--and a bit of quiet reading and reflection for balance!  Love you.



  1. Wow, so grown up! Happy Birthday Wylie!

  2. I love to watch him grow and learn, such energy and imagination from this now 10 year old.


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