Monday, August 12, 2013

Junebug's Birthday

In the midst of packing for, and unpacking from California, we had a couple of birthday celebrations. 
Juniper turned 8 the last week of July, after a week of preparing (19!) paper dolls for all of her birthday guests and their siblings.  I told her she could draw one and photo copy it for the others, but she was insistent that each doll look like its recipient.  So she went to it.  

For a gift she requested a birthday dress, "like Maria at the abbey", from the Sound of Music, "but blue"  Hmm.  We worked out the details and after a trip to the fabric store and a bit of bitching (to myself, and any adult who would listen) about how I certainly could have bought her a Hannah Anderson dress for this price and not have had to make it myself... got down to business.  Truth be told, I was kind of ready for a more complicated sewing task, and I hadn't sewn a thing really since last winter.  And, surprisingly it came out better than expected.  Its the first fully lined garment I've sewn, so I'm kinda feeling like a rock star with this one (just don't look too closely at the seams).  
We did a lot of trying on throughout the process, and I negotiated for a colorful apron, since I knew a white one would be brown in a matter of days.  I also went with a kerchief in place of the postulant's habit, because, well, yeah.  

Her day started foggy, and ended rainy.  We persevered with the lake birthday party regardless of the weather and it worked out well.  Kids don't care if its raining, and the parents can suck it up for two hours. 
It ended up being a very sweet time with many good friends, some we hadn't seen in ages.  And they each got a paper doll.


More on the next birthday later.... 


  1. Super cute dress, and girl. Nice work on the sewing.

  2. "Kids don't care if its raining, and the parents can suck it up for two hours." So true. Same for cold swimming holes.
    Nice work on the dress and happy birthday to your big Junebug!

  3. You both "got guts" to tackle those projects, and they came out so sweet. That girl does know what she wants, and how to get it ( a lot like her Mama ).


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