Monday, December 9, 2013

Its never boring...

This holiday season so far has been busy for sure, but not overwhelming.  We've seen a concert, and a play, a holiday movie night, and a grown up party.  But mostly its the little advent activities that we're doing as a family each day that are helping to keep it simple and sweet.  The other night Juniper said, Its never boring waiting for Christmas, because there's always so many fun things to be doing".  I'll take that as a sign that we're on the right track, and  hope that as the years progress the days before Christmas become the real treasure instead of a wait.  
A few of the treasures so far:
* woods walk to gather pine cones
* decorate the seasonal table 
* Christmas for the birds
* gathering greens
* wreath making
* decorating the porch


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  1. Love this! I admire your advent calendar...maybe next year for me. At first it seemed like a lot of extra work during an already busy time, but then I realized: so much of what we already do could simply have an assigned place in the advent calendar! Like, cutting the tree, decorating, making ornaments--or even broken down into steps, like cut-out salt-dough ornaments one day, paint another day. Anyway, sorry to blabber on (to myself!), but I love your style. The days before Christmas *will* become the real treasure, indeed. Quick question: were you drying out those pinecones in the oven or something? (They're on a baking tray....)


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