Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kale is Four!

Oh four.   You are not my favorite age.  Three was boisterous and proud and helpful.  Two was silly and sweet.  We are only three days into it, but if the last month is any indication then things aren't looking good for the weeks to come.  Fears, night waking, tantrums, hitting.  At two and three you clearly verbalized any discomfort or problems.  You were rational and if not reasonable, easily distracted.  Four is emotional and complicated.  You cry easily and sulk often.  You don't want to go anywhere, and your feelings are easily hurt.  Lucky for you we have been through four before.  Twice.  We know that your sweet, sunny personality will shine through in time.  We try to be patient through the tears, and hold you when you are sad.  We try to understand why you are screaming about sleeves being stuck in your jacket, when a month ago you would have calmly asked us to pull them down.  But, we know this too shall pass. We know you are still Bittle, our noodle head.  The same sweet boy you were five Novembers ago when you were born into the candle-lit night of our living room.  Tonight you are wearing the same ladybug jammies your sister wore the night I birthed you.  Tonight, you held my cheeks and kissed me goodnight and said, "I love to feel your face, its all warm and soft".  Such a sweet gentle soul you have always been and continue to be.  It was very hard for you to share your special day with Thanksgiving this year, and hard for me to not be able to make it just your special day as well.  But know that no matter the day, we are always thankful for you.  Happy Birthday Kale Robin.  We love you.   

                      Birth Night






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  1. So sweet. Four is a tough age for sure. Happy birthday Kale!


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